Printing, markings and colours

The basic colour

The basic colour delivered without any supplement is light grey (RAL 7040) and dark grey (RAL 7012). The colour RAL7012 in particular hides dirt and dust, is easy to mark and is particularly straightforward to maintain. Other colours are available from 55 m².


Markings can be carried out via the UV direct printing process on a Swissprint. This gives a high level of colour authenticity and durability. Printed markings may take on a used look depending on the usage levels. Images of these used surfaces serve as an indication and can be viewed on the website.

For the functional flooring line, the following markings are available.


Marking Ladder
Marking Circle (shared on 4 panels)
Marking Powerbone

All further illustrations, such as logos, pictures and text, can be executed in UV inkjet printing process on a Swiss print at added cost upon request. They have better true color and last longer.