The best possible protection for you when you are training...

The functional flooring has been developed to protect the person training on the one hand, and to optimise their training on the other hand. Why does a floor have to be hard? Our athletes discovered that a floor with cushioning – but not soft – can perfectly support and complement training. The floor is part of the three-dimensional functional workout.



The protected functional flooring system, made from a permanently elastic, cellular polyurethane (PUR) substance combines strain-reducing and non-slip characteristics and offers maximum comfort and protection for the athlete. Thanks to the robust cushioning and sound-deadening features of the mats, which can be set out flexibly, a floor is created that brings together all the requirements for training today – making it healthy, individual and pleasant. And despite the cushioning function, it is suitable for a load of 25,000 kg per m².

It consists entirely of permanently elastic polyurethane (PUR). The soft built-in foam is therefore suitable for continuous loads.

The stress-reducing effect has been tested and verified by the Institute of Ergonomics in Munich. The effective cushioning characteristics are proven to counteract fatigue and ensure motivation and performance.



The functional flooring meets the highest quality and stress requirements. As a supplier to the German automotive industry, “high quality” and “made in Germany” are high on the list. The systems are distinguished by ergonomic design and optimum comfort, robust construction and durable, extremely resistant materials. The functional floorinh has been developed and manufactured according to the highest safety and quality requirements, based on UN quality management, certificated under ISO 9001:2000.


Long-term guarantee

PLAYGROUND grants a long-term guarantee of at least 5 years on PLAYGROUND (excluding pressure) irrespective of the intensity of use. Despite the high resilience of 25,000 kg/m², the free-falling of heavy weights (kettle bells or barbells) – particularly if they do not strike flat but on the edge – may cause damage to the floor due to the enormous force.