All-in-one via the official FLEXI-SPORTS® Academy

PERFORM SPORTS® ( offers the studio an all-in-one solution including 4 intensive training days in-house as a functional trainer and the equipment required. The “immediate start programme” offers a training package designed for four days and includes all aspects of functional training on the surface. Compact, practical and customer-orientated trainer knowledge for functional training tailored to the zone. Condensed knowledge from more than ten individual training sessions enables the participants to become true experts in functional training.

Process and content of the training

Day 1:
FT basics, assessment, bodyweight training, zone training 1 (6 -hour practice / 2-hour theory)

Day 2:
FLEXI-BAR®, XCO®, balance pad, foam roller, BOSU, med-ball, zone training 2 (5-hour practice / 2,½ hour theory)

Day 3:
kettle bell basic, sling basic, HIRTS basic, gladiator wall programming (6-hour practice / 1½-hour theory)

Day 4:
zone training programmes, programming (7-hour practice + final exam)