Cleaning and care instructions

To ensure long durability and value retention for the floor, correct cleaning and care are required. The functional flooring is particularly easy to look after and dirt-resistant.

Loose surface dirt can be swept or cleared up using a hoover.

Depending on the degree of dirt ingress, the floors should be cleaned continuously. Dirt and dust are to be removed completely without leaving any residue or streaks. This can be done using a mop or cleaning machine.

Depending on the usage level of the floor and the associated level of soiling, we recommend that it undergoes a thorough cleaning at certain intervals. This should be carried out once a year.

For ideally conditioning the flooring, and to keep its manufacturing warranty valid, we have the RZ Elastic Conditioner for mopping: The RZ Elastic Conditioner for your FLEXI-SPORTS functional flooring is an easy care product for regular cleaning.

- One bottle (contents: 800ml) is enough for a surface of 750m²

- Simply use it with a damp dust-mop

- Cleans and conditions in one work step